Here at Picki Reviews, we’re “Picky” about products.

Why Should You Listen to Us?

Ecommerce has brought shoppers a multitude of new choices for just about everything we buy. On the one hand, this is great. We’re now nearly assured of finding a product that matches our needs.

However, finding that perfect product can be difficult. Smart consumers know that you need to do your research before purchasing anything online, and that research can sometimes be overwhelming.

How many of us have suffered research fatigue, where you spend so much time gathering information you don’t have the ability to process it all, and you end up buying nothing or worse – taking a shortcut and making a bad decision?

Our very picky team of researchers, writers, and reviewers are here to eradicate this problem.

Sit Back, Relax, and We’ll Do the Research

Here at Picki Reviews, we understand what it takes to properly research a product and we thrive on it.

Our analysts apply an exhaustive process to be certain they’ve covered every possible approach to rating a given product category. This strategy often includes, but isn’t limited to the following steps.

Reviewing Existing Literature

We comb our extensive database of consumer protection sites and professional ratings organizations, and winnow these down to a thorough snapshot of what other professionals are saying about the products we review.

We also seek out any relevant, peer-reviewed scientific studies and any other research pertinent to our analysis. We leave no stone unturned, even when we’re reviewing stones.

Buy for Testing…

In some cases, after picking a winning product, we may need to buy it and see for ourselves just how good (or bad) it really is.

Evaluating User Reviews

We collect user reviews for the products we’re rating from vendors across the spectrum, including large retailers like Amazon, Argos, and smaller, niche sellers to make sure we get a strong, representative view of what people really think about the products.

We have a process in place that’s capable of distinguishing fake reviews from real ones with astonishing accuracy.

We use these to make certain as best as possible that when we weigh user opinions we’re only considering real opinions from real people that have actually used the products.

Consulting with Experts

Our researchers are smart, but they don’t know everything about everything.

To supplement their knowledge when necessary they’ll consult with experts in any salient fields related to the products being rated.

This makes certain that what we say about the products or services in question is accurate and fully vetted.

Narrowing the Field

We can’t consider every single model of toaster available on the market at any given time.

With many products there are literally hundreds of models to choose from, many of which are similar to each other. Instead of considering all of them we narrow the field down to popular models that represent a fair cross section of the marketplace, considering all manufacturers and price points. It’s important that our reviews are accurate, but also useful.

No one has time to read an analysis of 150 different electric toothbrushes.

Shop Smart Without the Hassle

You want thorough product analysis. We provide that. You want the best information available. We gather it and boil it down.

You want honest reviews and unbiased assessments. We do, too.

We rate products as if we were doing the research for ourselves. We wouldn’t want to be taken advantage of or steered wrong anymore than you would.

And so we take great care to be certain our recommendations have a strong foundation of accurate, thorough research behind them.

You can feel good about the products we cherry pick and recommend because we do our research the same way you would.

We’re picky about recommending and reviewing the very best products to buy online.

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