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All the latest news and reviews on electric shavers, beard trimmers, hair clippers, and woman’s lady shavers, and epilators. We also help buyers navigate dental products like electric toothbrushes and water flossers.
More men have either made the transition from traditional manual razors, to electric shavers. Whether you’re just starting to look, or you need a better electric shaver than you have now, we round-up the best picks from leading personal care brands. It’s not just men, women are switching over to lady shavers and epilators in an effort to speed up hair removal.
While electric shavers work well to shave the hair all the way down to the skin, it can also easily handle sideburns, goatees, beards, mustaches and more. A manual razor does not have near the versatility, making it almost impossible to groom your facial hair if you have it. Most electric razors have a trimmer attached that can make things easy.
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Not all electric toothbrushes are equal as they differ in function and quality. We provide you with the most up to date and in depth electric toothbrush reviews, making it easy for you to make the perfect choice for optimal oral hygiene.
The use of electric toothbrushes and water flossers on a daily basis can greatly enhance all over oral hygiene and brushing routine. Electric toothbrush bristle heads are designed in such a way that they operate by pulsating, oscillating and rotary motions to ensure that every corner is reached and cleaned thoroughly. The concept comes from the same techniques used by dentists for oral prophylaxis and by availing your own electric toothbrush; you can get the same results from your own home.
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