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To keep your garden maintained, you need the best equipment – grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, pressure washers, and lawn mowers. And to enjoy your garden in luxury, our experienced team review the best inflatable hot tubs, and provide all round gardening advice.
More Do-It-Yourself lawn care homeowners are experiencing the convenience of cordless battery powered lawn and garden tools like cordless grass and hedge trimmers. There is however potential an extra level of convenience often overlooked are the environmental advantages of: ease of starting, no gasoline, no emissions, less noise, less maintenance, with abundant power for the task.
The range of garden tools powered by rechargeable batteries is growing all the time. Not only is it possible to purchase additional batteries but one can buy converters which allow the tools to run on 110 electric power sources to extend the operating time cordless or corded.
The primary advantage of cordless tools is no longer having to locate a power socket and unwind an extension lead each time a tool is to be used. This enables greater freedom of movement to reach the corners of a yard. Safety is increased since cables no longer pose a tripping hazard and the risk of cutting through a wire is eliminated so the chances of electric shocks are greatly reduced.
Potential purchasers will also be pleased to learn that previous concerns about cordless lawn and garden tools have now largely been overcome with recently developed products. Charging times have been greatly reduced, with tools using lithium ion batteries requiring as little as an hour to fully recharge and ready to use. Once fully-charged, most cordless tools enjoy a very generous period of operational life before needing to be charged again.

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