5 Best Ionic Hair Dryer Picks of 2021

You’re long overdue for an upgrade if you’ve been battling it out with an outdated electric hair dryer – you know, the one that leaves you with frizzled hair and frazzled with frustration.

The technology for drying hair safely while avoiding damage and frizz has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. What’s the secret? Ionic hair dryers actually seal in moisture to create smooth, vibrant hair instead of zapping the natural moisture from your hair the way classic hair dryers do.

You need to go ionic to create hair that’s iconic! Luckily, there are many quality ionic dryers on the market today that let you recreate a salon experience at home. In fact, with this salon-quality tool you can recreate the best hair day of your life over and over again for roughly what you’d pay for in a single blowout at a professional salon.

Without further ado – here’s our roundup of the top five best ionic hair dryers with great online deals.

1. GHD’S AirĀ® Hair Dryer

This hairdryer delivers a fast, professional finish in a snap! Expect to get your hair dried and styled roughly two times faster than what it takes with another dryer. Of course, the ergonomic handle on this dryer means you won’t necessarily be counting down the seconds until you can let go. The dryer was actually designed with input from stylists to ensure that you’ll maintain control without “hand fatigue” regardless of which hand you use when styling.

This is a powerful dryer. It features a professional-strength motor paired with advanced ionic technology that really makes it feel like something is happening with every twist of your wrist. Most people who have fallen for fast-drying dryers in the past now associate “fast” with “frizz.” Not with the GHD AirĀ® Hair Dryer! The power and ionic technology offered by this dryer work together to actually reduce frizz. Expect to see a very soft and silky finish when you’re done.

GHD Air Key Features:

  • A dual-nozzle design that allows you to tailor your method to your hair.
  • A cool-shot button that sets your style in place.
  • Variable heat settings.
  • 2,100-watt AC motor at 240v.

2. Panasonic EH-NA98 Advanced Ionic Hairdryer Rose Gold

The EH-NA98 is designed to be a “therapeutic” dryer for hair that has been put through the wringer via heat and styling treatments. The dryer has actually been specially formulated to fortify the cuticles on the hair’s surface to make your hair more resistant to damage over time. That cuticle cohesion is what does away with split ends over time. It’s like your hair gets healthier the more you style it once you make the switch.

The EH-NA98 is unique among dryers because it is designed with Panasonic’s patented Nanoe and Double Mineral technologies. That means you’re getting moisture-filled agents penetrating into the hair follicles as you dry. Another standout feature is a skin mode that delivers nano-sized moisture ions to the skin on your face.

This mode can be used for up to a minute after your drying session ends if you have dry facial skin. There’s also a scalp mode that gently dries your scalp while delivering that high-tech nano moisturizing directly to your head.

Panasonic Advanced Key Features:

  • Multiple modes.
  • Special hot-and-cold alternating mode for that special salon technique.
  • Foldable handle for easy storage and travel.
  • Sliding switch allows you to adjust air volume with a light touch without putting pressure on fingers or nails.
  • Easy-clean filter can be wiped clean to remove dust.
  • 1.27 pounds.

3. Revlon Pro Collection Salon 360 Surround AC Hair Dryer

This peppy, high-endurance dryer’s 360-surround mode with dual air jets gets your hair ready to get out the door 60 percent faster when compared to conventional drying modes. That shine you’ll see comes courtesy of a steady stream of ions that comes from the dryer’s ionic generator.

The Revlon Pro Collection Salon 360 Surround AC Hair Dryer offers a really simple, familiar design for getting the latest in ionic smoothing technology to create silkiness and protect your cuticles. It earns points for being highly durable and easy to use.

Revlon Pro Key Features:

  • Three heat settings.
  • Two speed settings.
  • Cold-shot setting for a smooth, polished finish.
  • 1,800 watts.
  • Cord-hang loop for easy storage.
  • Designed for long and naturally straight hair.

4. BaByliss 3Q Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

This is the “smart” dryer that uses an intelligent design to give a fast, controlled drying experience that seems like it’s being delivered in a cutting-edge salon right in your own bathroom! Its intelligent digital motor creates a more intuitive drying experience that gives you more control while spending less time.

Yes, the tech built into this dryer is impressive. However, the most important practical perk tied to this dryer is its ultra-lightweight design. This ultra-light dryer has been engineered for comfort and maneuverability while you style. It also delivers a constant cold shot of 28 degrees Celsius to set your style in place when you’re done.

The BaByliss 3Q Professional Hair Dryer is one of the best dryers for thick hair available today. It delivers 40 percent more air pressure to dry thicker hair quickly and thoroughly. Its special ionic conditioning system does a good job of taming frizz while creating a natural shine as you dry your hair.

Babyliss 3Q Key Features:

  • Weighs just 567 grams.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Features a high-end motor.
  • Three heat settings.
  • Two speed settings.
  • Has a noise-control feature using specially designed air intake.
  • 2,200 watts.

5. Remington Curl and Straight Confidence Hairdryer, Lightweight Ionic Hair Dryer With Diffuser

This innovative drying system brings together Remington’s specialty curling nozzle with a 45-millimeter barrel brush to create the bouncy, full blowout look that used to only be able from a salon. This system creates big hair in a short amount of time! However, the dryer can be used to dry and style with or without the accompanying brush.

This system also comes with a slim smoothing nozzle that helps to achieve a more streamlined look instead of pushing out volume. Additionally, this set includes a diffuser for styling naturally curly hair.

These features make the Remington Curl and Straight Confidence Hairdryer a much more versatile option than many popular dryers that are designed exclusively to handle straight hair.

Remington Curl and Straight Key Features:

  • Super-fast airflow creates a fast, powerful drying experience.
  • 2,200 watts.
  • Works on diverse hair types.
  • Includes a compatible brush.
  • Easy sliding controls.
  • Three heat options.
  • Two speeds.
  • Easy hanging loop for storage.
  • Rear grill removes for easy cleaning.
  • Cool shot for setting a style.
  • Turbo-boost option for ultra-quick drying.

How to Buy the Right Ionic Hair Dryer

Many people associate hair dryers with subtle burnt smells, tugging sensations and frizzy results. That’s the old way to view hair dryers. Modern hair dryers create sleek, beautifying results that don’t rely on raw, harsh electric heat that dries out follicles and cuticles. The hair world has moved toward ionic technology. That means you can now enjoy an amazing blowout without damaging your hair.

Ionic technology allows you to dry your hair faster using less heat – It’s the go-to standard at salons. The ionic technology used found in many of today’s best hair dryers, producing millions of negative ions while you dry. These ions break down into water molecules that don’t “open up” the proteins in your hair shaft. That’s why you don’t see the frizz that’s created by old-fashioned dryers.

You know you want a top-notch ionic hair dryer. However, you’re not sure which design is perfect for your hair. The good news is that all ionic dryers from recognized brands are going to offer that frizz-free drying experience that’s delivered by lower heat and water molecules instead of blasts of dry, electric heat. Of course, some dryers have better technology than others.


You have to be able to use your hair dryer comfortably. This is really the first thing to take into consideration. If you typically suffer from “arm fatigue” while drying, pay attention to configuration and weight when selecting your new dryer. A hair dryer that is lightweight will make it easier for you to really perfect your blowout.


Do you have a small bathroom without a lot of room for storage? Will you be taking your hair dryer on trips? No, ionic hair dryers aren’t particularly large. However, some designs are certainly bulkier than others. Don’t let yourself be surprised when you pull your new dryer out of the box for the first time.

Make sure your dryer is a size that can be stored on your bathroom vanity without obstructing things if you plan to use it before popping out the door daily. Additionally, portability is a big factor if you’re searching for a dryer you can pack along for business trips or holidays. You may want to consider a dryer with a foldable handle if you’ll be packing yours in a suitcase often.

Do Your Homework on Hair Type

There’s a little bit of range when it comes to appropriate hair types among ionic dryers. Don’t assume that all ionic dryers are ideal for all hair types. Several models say right on the label that they are intended for people with long, straight hair.

Unfortunately, these dryers may not be able to handle the density of curly hair. Luckily, there are several multi-use ionic dryers that actually have settings and attachments that create custom drying experiences based on hair type.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ionic Dryers

Can Ionic Hair Dryers Be Used Every Day?

This is a personal choice. Some experts will say that it’s still a good idea to give your hair a break from drying even when using an ionic dryer. However, an ionic dryer is the gentlest option for when you do need to dry your hair.

When Should You Switch to a Cool Shot on an Ionic Dryer?

The cool shot is meant to be used when your hair is between 80 percent and 90 percent dry. Yes, your hair will continue to dry while the cool shot is being applied. However, the heat reduction is what allows your style to “set” in place.

Can the Cool Shot Be Used on Curls?

Some people assume that the cool shot isn’t an important feature if you have curly hair. However, the cool shot is meant to set both straight and curly looks. It simply helps to set your hair in whatever style you’ve sculpted during the drying process.

Do Ionic Hair Dryers Help With Tangles?

Yes! Ionic dryers actually reduce tension on the surface of your hair. That means that hair is less likely to tangle.

Can Ionic Hair Dryers Be Used for All Hair Types?

Yes, ionic dryers are meant for straight, curly, thick, fine, long, short and flyaway hair types. However, not every design type and feature is going to be appropriate for all hair types. For example, a dryer with a turbo feature can make hair that is naturally fine look limp and stringy.