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Most people would agree that ironing is a time-consuming chore, particularly when ironing for a family. For some, ironing is a task dreaded so much that they only iron clothes as, and when, required. BUT, imagine if you could do the week’s ironing for the whole family in one go and actually cut the time it would normally take by up to half!
The technology behind irons has come a long way over the last few years and this is especially so with steam generator irons. Although they were previously only available as professional ironing systems, they are now readily available as domestic ironing equipment. Furthermore, there are now a wide variety of makes and models to suit all budgets.
Are steam generator irons suitable for everyone?
As steam generator irons have a separate base unit, they are somewhat larger than traditional irons and take a few minutes longer to heat the separate water tank. This makes them particularly suitable for families or those who prefer to do weekly laundry, rather than someone who irons fewer items.
Unlike traditional steam irons and cordless steam irons, steam generator irons do not contain a water reservoir in the iron itself. Instead, the water is stored in the base unit, where it is heated by the boiler, and is then delivered as a high steam output through the hose which connects the iron to the base unit.
There are many benefits of using a steam generating ironing appliance over a traditional iron, including. The iron itself is lighter in weight, as the water is stored separately and you can get your ironing done much quicker and reduce the time it takes by up to half.
The separate base unit of a steam generator iron makes it somewhat bigger than traditional steam irons. However, most come with a hose which is long enough to allow you to place the unit on the floor so that it doesn’t take up extra space on your ironing board.
There are now some models of ironing boards which are designed especially for use with steam generator irons and have a built-in steam/condensation collection tray underneath the ironing table. These tend to be more expensive than standard ironing boards, but aren’t really necessary, as you can use your existing ironing board. However, if your current ironing board has a particularly small ironing area, you may want to look for a new, larger one, to complement your new steam generator iron.
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When planning to purchase tumble dryer, consumers must take into consideration the item’s cost effectiveness and space availability. The next factor that must be considered is the appropriate colour that will compliment the design of the house. Another is the item model and special features. Let us check some factors that need to be considered. The tumble dryer available around is of two types. These are the condenser type tumble dryer and vented type tumble dryer appliances.
Vented Tumble Dryer: Vented type tumble dryer utilize dry air that is being sucked into its drum. The wet clothes are being dried in the spinning drum through absorption of dry and hot air. The lingering humid air are being pumped out via the venting ducts designed for this use. Its hose pipes release consumed air outside. This process results to the inconvenience of others and also causes environmental issues. Due to this, some people do not usually opt for vented dryer.
Condenser Tumble Dryer: Condenser dryer is another kind of tumble dryer. In this tumble dryer, instead of releasing boiling air, it uses condensing chamber. The chamber is made up of metal condenser that turns steam into water. Boiling air is converted into liquid when it hits the condenser and then it is collected through its plastic tank. With this dryer, manual emptying of plastic tank should be done, which is considered a disadvantage by consumers. The cleaning task is not a big problem since it can also be performed together with the machine’s lint filter.
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Washing machines come in many options. For the decor minded, you can get a washer and dryer combo, or integrated washing machine, or you can simply purchase attractive stand alone units. Others may be most budget minded on initial cost, therefore finding a cheap washing machine is their main intent, whereas others are more concerned about long term efficiency and reliability concerns. With us, you can find sources of information about popular brands of appliances such as Samsung, Bosch, Hotpoint, Beko, Candy, and LG washing machines.
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